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Meet our Trainers 


Nino Islamcevic 

Nino Islamcevic, owner and training director at K9 Academy International, came to the United States from Croatia in 1997.  He has been  professionally training dogs for over thirty years in several disciplines, including obedience, tracking, protection, behavior modification, problem solving, Schutzhund, assistance/service dogs, police K-9s, specific odor scenting, and personal protection.


Nino has earned the titles of IPO/Schutzhund Judge, Training Director, IPO/Schutzhund Helper/Decoy, and certifications for instructing private and group classes, and training assistance/service dogs. Nino is also an established breeder and involved in socializing, raising puppies, conformation shows to CAC (National) and CACIB (International) Titles.


In Shutzhund, Nino won a National Championship in IPO1 in Croatia, and was twice selected for the Croatian Team for World Championships. On the Croatian team, with his dog, Aga, he participated in the World Championship in IPO III in Luxembourg in 1996.  Nino was also the team captain for the AWDF USA Team in the IPO World Championship for utility dogs in 2001.

 Nino also trains police dogs for dual purpose, narcotics, specific odor scenting, building search, full suit biting, real life situations and,tracking.  

Taylor Braddock 

 Our Kennel Attendants 


Jessica Haveman

Jessica is one of our lead staff members having been here for four years! Jess's favorite part of the job is helping nervous dog come out of their shell and seeing them show their fun happy personalities! Jess also helps train our new staff members! She has two dogs at home Bailey and Ash! 

Taylor's love of dogs began very early growing up in East Tennessee around her grandfathers farm and hunting dogs, there she got the chance to learn how to care and love all animals. Taylor's introduction to training came when she got her first German Shepherd named Loki and and found the sport Schutzhund. Here she fell in love with the sport, training and the working dogs. Taylor spent close to two years in Nebraska with amazing mentors,  while there she also volunteered at shelters and with rescue groups fostering dogs.


Taylor moved to Michigan in 2015 where she started at K9AI  to continue Schutzhund training and training professionally. After completing another year of internship training Taylor is a full time manager and lead trainer for K9AI with now 8 years of professional experience .


She has also titled multiple dogs in IGP, AKC, Dock Diving, WDA, PSA, trained in narcotics work, therapy dogs, search and rescue, service dogs and family protection dogs. Scoring High P1 at her first WDA trial, High IGP1 and High IGP2, She is also a certified AKC instructor. 


WE are Hiring! 

Current positions available are 

Kennel Assistant

Call Taylor at 6162161115 for further information 

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