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Vom Harisburg German Shepherds

Our goal in raising German Shepherd Dogs is to present puppies with good health and sound temperaments so others can enjoy the security and companionship these dogs provide.  We breed dogs that have extensive pedigrees and bloodlines that provide sound temperaments and conformation.  We are not a commercial kennel, and all our dogs are personally owned and cared for by us. We have one- two litters a year that way we know we can give all of our time and attention to that litter. We feed our puppies and dogs a diet consisting of raw food, nuvet vitamins and WSAVA compliant food. 


Our pups start with their socialization program at the early age of 3 weeks.  Every puppy is sold with a personalized follow-up program to aid their families to raise their pups to their fullest potential, whether that be for a family companion, sport or working dog.

Our breeding program is based on imported European bloodlines, and our studs and dams are tested and selected personally by Nino Islamcevic, they are health tested through OFA and particapte in various venues including IGP, AKC, nose work, narcotics, tracking, and dock diving. We specialize in German Shepherd Breeding.  Give us a call if you are looking for a German Shepherd in Michigan and surrounding states! 

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Storm Vom Herrn 

Storm Vom Herrn BH,RN,RI,FO,P1,IGP1,IGP2, PSA PDC  is our beautiful sable Czech working line female. Storm impresses everyone she meets with her strong desire and intensity to train and work. Storm has high drive and energy across the board but can relax and turn off once inside. She is the epitome of a German Shepherd with the versatility to do absolutely anything, she excels in tracking, obedience, and protection having scored High in Trial for her IGP1 and her IGP2! Storm is neutral and friendly to strangers and can easily be in a large crowd but will protect in real life on command. Storm produces puppies with strong working desires but incredible stable and friendly, the majority of Storms puppies have all been placed into working homes for family protection or service dogs. Storm is OFA good hips, Normal Elbows and DM clear through parentage.


Ziva Vom  Harisburg 

Ziva Vom Harisburg is our newest up and coming showline female and the fourth generation of our bloodline from her mother Mala Vom Harisburg. Ziva is showing a phenomenal temperament and a thrill to train, with her eager to please attitude. She is training for her IGP1, after achieving this and her health testing she will be apart of our breeding program. More updates on Ziva as she grows and trains!


Tank Vom Harisburg

Tank Vom Harirburg is a gorgeous red and black male out of Gittano Semper Wictor and Shadow Vom Harisburg. In looks, brain and temperament he is 100% Gittano. Tank is trained in various narcotics odors and personal protection. Tank adores children and will usually offer them his paw to shake their hands Tank has the drive and willingness to please that makes him a dream to work and live with. Tank is OFA Hips Good and OFA elbows Normal, and DM clear. Tank is now retired from breeding but has produced puppies doing family protection, service dogs, narcotics and search and rescue dogs!

Shadow VOm Harisburg 

Shadow Vom harisburg is from Iron Vom Harisburg BH and Dona Vom Leomegy SCh1. Shadow’s grandfather being one of the top police dog in the country during his time, Stromsfront Brawnson. Shadow was everything we wanted in a German Shepherd, fearless, stable, social but a loyal protector. She produced multiple police dog’s serving across Michigan, family protection dog, service dogs and beloved family pets. Shadow has passed but lives with us through her son and daughter Mala an Tank now her granddaughter Ziva!


Chaos is a very strong, powerful and fightful dog with super prey and defense drive. Sch 3, Narcotic detection certified.

Thank you for the many wonderful years Chaos 


Aga was selected for World Championship in Luxemburg with his owner and handlers Nino! Aga was an extremely powerful dog that lived for the fight and work. He was a powerhouse in all three phases of Schutzhund. I am grateful for the memories Aga 

Decades ago we started using Nuvet vitamins for all of our adults and puppies. The products made with natural ingredients are manufactured in USA, in an FDA Registered Pharmaceutical Lab and fully compliant with all GMP, meeting all quality standards for Nutritional Supplements

Check out this video of our 13 week old puppies from Mala Vom Harisburg going through their first week of training! 

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